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Christian Felber

Swindon Festival of Literature

Swindon Arts Centre

Wed 11 May

Christian Felber

CHRISTIAN FELBER – on an economy for the common good!

Why do we work? Does the current economic system serve us well? What are businesses created for? Are profit and endless growth the best and only ways to measure success? Why is there so much financial inequality? Could there be an economic model that places greater emphasis on human dignity, justice, sustainability, and democracy, an economy for the common good? How can we really help one another?

Bestselling author, ethical economist with a difference, Austrian academic, contemporary dancer and renowned international speaker, Christian Felber, has some startling, seductive and sensible answers. His latest book is Change Everything – Creating An Economy For The Common Good.

It is reckoned that a sizeable majority of us want a new economic order, one that is fairer for all. Clearly, this raises complex questions. It is a challenge, with many ramifications: financial, educational, political and cultural. So, to do this topic justice, this event will be a two-parter.

In Part One, at 6.30pm, with an illustrated talk, Christian Felber will outline his theories and work already done in many parts of the world.

In Part Two, after the interval, at 8pm, we will ask questions, seek answers and have a good chat with Christian.

For anyone who cares about the economy and human relationships at a private, local, national or international level, this promises to be a fascinating, eye-opening and inspiring event.

Tickets: £9.00*
Concessions: £8.00*

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