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The Idiot Bast**d Show & Band

Wyvern Theatre

Friday 16 November

The Idiot Bast**d Band


The Idiot Bastard Band are a band dedicated to the comic song.

They are:

Ade Edmonson (Young Ones, Comic Strip, Bottom, etc)
Guitar, banjo, trumpet, mandolin, fiddle,  coconuts.
Neil Innes (Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Monty Python, Innes Book Of Records, etc)
Keyboards, guitar, ukulele.
Phill Jupitus  (Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Q1, Radio 6 DJ ,etc) 
Guitar, bass, kazoo, triangle.
Rowland Rivron  (Raw Sex, Jools Holland Big Band, Blue Peter (aged 15), etc)
Drums, congas, bongos, rude shouting.
They play songs by The Bonzos, Jake Thackeray, Syd Barret, George Formby, They Might Be Giants, Ian Dury, Mel Brooks, The Mighty Sparrow, and many of their very own brand spanking new compositions.
During the winter of 2010/2011 they held a raucous 8 week residency at The Wilmington Arms in Clerkenwell. Famously advertised as ‘Live Rehearsals’ the shows were a heady mixture of excitement and catastrophe, at once fabulously warm, surprising and hilarious. They have done something similar this year at Monto Water Rats, where they found that actually, they weren’t half bad… so they’ve booked a few more shows and thought they might even bang a few festival performances out this summer.



Nyree Kingsbury, Community and Education Officer, caught up with Ade Edmondson to find out more about The Idiot Bast**d Band.
The Idiot Bast**d Band – That’s an unusual name, how did it come about?

‘The Idiot Bast**d Son’ is the title of a track by Frank Zappa. I’ve always liked the sound of the two words together, it suggests something stupid but with attitude.
How did you manage to get these four giants of comedy together – what was the deal breaker?!
I’ve known Simon Brint and Rowland Rivron from the very earliest days at The Comic Strip Club in the early 80’s, we recorded a lot of stuff together in the early days. Phill and I had also done a number of gigs and a tour with Neil and The Bonzos a few years ago. I felt a desire to play some comedy songs - a largely forgotten art form with a stupendous back catalogue - so I invited them all to afternoon tea at The Langham Hotel in the autumn of 2010. Everyone was immediately up for it and we played a residency at The Wilmington Arms in London. Very sadly, Simon Brint died shortly afterwards and we sort of hung up our spurs for a while. But after a while we decided we would try it with just the four of us. We arranged another residency and found that while we sound very different without Simon’s influence we still amuse each other. I’ve always believed that if you can amuse each other you might be able to amuse the general public, so we have decided to do this tour.
We look forward to welcoming you to the Wyvern Theatre – do you know much about Swindon?
I know when I travel from my home in Devon to London that when I pass Swindon I am two thirds of the way there…
You are comedy royalty from shows such as the Comic Strip, The Young Ones and Bottom, what do you think of new comedies such as Very Important People, Episodes and Ricky Gervais’ Derek?
I haven’t watched any of the programmes you mention. The comedies I like on telly at the moment are ‘Not Going Out’, ‘Harry Hill’s TV Burp’ and ‘Have I Got News For You’. That’s about it really. I have a digital projector at home and watch Laurel & Hardy films whenever I need a laugh - there’s nothing to touch them really.
In Holby City you played maverick surgeon Percy “Abra” Durant – if you were placed in an emergency situation could you put someone in the recovery position?  Do you think if things were different you could have been a medical professional?
I think I could do an emergency tracheotomy no problem, but I wouldn’t like to be the patient.



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