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After Love (12A)

Wed 7 September 2022 at 7.45pm
2020 | UK | Drama | 1hr 29m

A woman living in Dover suddenly finds herself a widow, but soon discovers her late husband had a secret just across the English Channel in Calais which she visits.

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Martin Eden (15)

Wed 14 September 2022 at 7.45pm
2019 | Italy/France | 2hr 9m | Romance/Drama

Martin Eden, a young ambitious writer struggling to rise above his poor circumstances, falls in love with the daughter of a wealthy family and aspires to rise above his situation.

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Parallel Mothers (15)

Wed 12 October 2022 at 7.45pm
2021 | Spain | 2hr | Drama

A story of two mothers who bond in an unexpected way after giving birth the same day.

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Compartment No.6 (15)

Wed 2 November 2022 at 7.45pm
2021 | Finland/Russia | 1hr 47m | Romance/Drama

As a train weaves its way up to the Arctic Circle, two strangers share a journey that will change their perspective on life.

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The County (12A)

Wed 16 November 2022 at 7.45pm
2019 | Iceland | 1hr 32m | Comedy/Drama

A widowed farmer begins a new life on her own terms by fighting against corruption and injustice in her community.

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The Perfect Candidate (PG)

Wed 30 November 2022 at 7.45pm
2019 | Saudi Arabia | 1hr 44m | Comedy/Drama

A young female Saudi doctor's run for office in the local city elections forces her family and community to accept their town's first female candidate.

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Miracle on 34th Street (U)

Wed 14 December 2022 at 7.45pm 
1947 | USA | 1hr 36m | Comedy/Drama

After a divorced New York mother hires a nice old man to play Santa Claus at Macy's, she is startled by his claim to be the genuine article.

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