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Phoenix Players

Sailor, Beware!

Swindon Arts Centre

Wed 29 January - Sat 1 February 2020

Phoenix Players

Albert Tufnell A.B. arrives at the home of his fiancée Shirley, on the eve of their wedding to discover a household dominated by her mother. Increasingly anxious about how formidable his prospective mother-in-law is he grows concerned when he sees some signs of Shirley becoming like her mother. Will he become the hen-pecked husband of a battle-axe wife? Come and enjoy the fun, the tensions, the hornpipe jig and the ferrets.

Lily Dunkley as Emma Hornett
Verne Dunkley as Henry Hornett
Danny Robins as Albert Tufnell
Abigail Perkins as Shirley Hornett
Joey Stevens as Carnoustie Bligh
Sue Whiteley as Daphne Pink
Marlene Poole as Edie Hornett
Jean Belt as Mrs Lack
Mark Harris as Rev. Purefoy


This lovely bitter-sweet romantic comedy was written and set in the mid-1950s. It was first performed in the Strand Theatre in London in 1955 and, after a long run there, was so successful that it was made into a hugely-successful film, starring Peggy Mount as arguably the most famous fictional mother-in-law ever. Such was its success that an American film version was also made.
A young sailor, Albert Tufnell travels from his ship with his best friend and soon to be best man, Carnoustie Bligh, to the home of his bride to-be, Shirley, on his wedding eve. This is the longest time that Albert has spent at his bride’s home and wedding preparations are well under way.  Albert, brought up in an orphanage, is very much looking forward to a real homelife. But all is not well.

His mother-in-law, the strong-willed Emma Hornett, is suspicious of him and is certainly not welcoming. But it seems she is bad tempered and harsh with everyone – “that’s just how she is”. She dominates the household: her husband Henry who escapes to his ferrets in the shed, her very eccentric sister-in-law Edie constantly making tea, and even her daughter Shirley and Shirley’s bridesmaid, Daphne Pink.
Albert gets cold feet. He is even more disturbed to learn about a secret that is being kept from him. Can he go through with this wedding?  Does he love Shirley enough? Can Rev. Purefoy, the vicar help with his dilemma? What should he do?  The story unfolds…

Tickets: £13.00
Concessions: £2.00 Off
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