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Little Red Riding ...!

The Adult Panto

Wyvern Theatre

Sat 22 January 2022

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They’re back again! Oh yes they are! Now in their 16th year of touring the UK, the Market Theatre Company return to corrupt another fairy-tail classic beyond recognition with an Adult Panto like no other.

Our fearless company of 3 actors return to bring you an evening of corny jokes, raunchy plots and blatant sexual innuendo using a minimum of set props and costume.

Prolong that all too short seasonal spirit and get ready for another evening of slick, fast-moving, farcical fun and bawdy sexual innuendo (did we mention the innuendo?) for adults only.

Not suitable for under 16’s.

It’s fast, furious and very funny…
Choice Radio, Worcester (on Hansel & Gretel Go Down in the Woods)

Some of the sketches are worthy of The Two Ronnies with their extensive wordplay, faultlessly delivered.
Choice Radio, Worcester (on Peter Panties)

Quintessentially British … sLike a Carry On film made by a Rugby Club!
The Stage Newspaper

Lone hetrosexual interlopers in the thoroughly gay world of adult panto, Market Theatre Company…
Time Out

Rescheduled from January 2021. Cannot attend the new date?

Tickets: £25, £21

Where applicable fees and charges are included in the stated ticket prices. An optional postage fee may apply. Fee-free booking for Wyvern Friends.