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Joanne McNally: The Prosecco Express

Wyvern Theatre

Thu 20 April 2023

Joanne McNally: The Prosecco Express

Described as ‘a truly gifted stand up’ by The Sunday Times, join Joanne as she revisits her irreverent and critically acclaimed show The Prosecco Express.

Due to a relentless ageing process, Joanne is suddenly in her late thirties with no husband, no kids, no pension and no plan. She is full of questions: if she doesn’t birth anything, who will be obligated to watch her die so she doesn’t have to do it alone? Can she start a GoFundMe page to get a golden tomb built for single people to get buried in together, or do we all just get thrown into a mass grave and covered in cat hair? When a man on a dating app identifies as ‘spiritual’, is it safe to assume he has the personality of a spoon? If you do all your drinking in the bath, can you write it off as self-care? ‘Dark, hilarious, strangely reassuring’ [The Independent], Joanne is on a mission to solve absolutely nothing.

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