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Benedict Allen

Swindon Festival of Literature

Swindon Arts Centre

Tue 2 May

Benedict Allen

BENEDICT ALLEN – with an illustrated talk on Birds of Paradise: the Ultimate Quest!

One man had a dream, to see Birds of Paradise in a remote cloud forest in Papua New Guinea. But before he had the opportunity to do so, he was shot by terrorists, and lost the use of his legs. By chance, he met another man, who not only had full use of his legs but also knew where the fabulous fabled birds were, because he’d been there, thirty years before. But getting to the birds, over inhospitable terrain and through wooded and mountainous tribal territories with a man in a wheelchair, was not going to be easy.

But nothing that author of ten books, renowned solo explorer-adventurer and film-maker Benedict Allen does has ever been easy. With his usual good humour and enthusiasm, Benedict reveals the full story behind his dramatic return to Papua New Guinea, as recently shown on BBC 2, through the swamps and jungles, with wheelchair-confined Frank Gardner, the BBC’s Security Correspondent, in search of those elusive birds.

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