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Naomi Shragai

Swindon Festival of Literature

Swindon Arts Centre

Tue 3 May 2022 | 12.30pm

Naomi Shragai

NAOMI SHRAGAI – on The Man who Mistook his Job for his Life.

Why do happy children often end up as unhappy workers? What is the relationship between our professional present and our personal past? How do we feel about hierarchy and the person called boss? How do we measure success, our own or our colleagues’? How well do we navigate the complex emotional landscape of the workplace?
Naomi Shragai, who has written for The Times, The Guardian and Financial Times and been a stand-up comic, has more than thirty years’ experience as psychotherapist in both private practice and NHS hospitals.

The SWINDON FESTIVAL OF LITERATURE takes place 2nd – 8th May. It celebrates things well thought, well written, and well said, both serious and funny!

Seven days of great authors and entertaining speakers, it will include novelists, poets, philosophers, travellers, scientists, storytellers, historians, comedians, artists, and writing workshops There will be events at midday, teatime, and in the evening, carefully spaced and placed to enable you to attend almost every one, should you have the stamina!

Tickets: £8.00
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