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Bernard Henin

Swindon Festival of Literature

Reading Room Central Library

Fri 6 May 2022 | 7.30pm

Bernard Henin

BERNARD HENIN – on ocean worlds and possibilities of life, out there.

Presented in association with the Swindon Philosophical Society.

Water, water, everywhere, which really makes you think: is there a possibility of life on ocean worlds in space?
Numerous moons hold a vast amount of water. These ocean worlds might hold the key to answering fundamental questions: how life appeared, where we came from, and whether there really is life out there.
Originally from Belgium, Bernard Henin has also lived in the USA and Hong Kong. He fell in love with astronomy when, as a teenager, he came across images of Neptune taken from NASA’s spacecraft Voyager 2. He found it both exhilarating and liberating to think that entire new worlds could be explored. Since then, he has followed humanity’s continued exploration of our solar system closely. Bernard is the author of Imaging Our Solar System and Exploring the Ocean Worlds of Our Solar System, written with input from space agencies and scientists at NASA.

The SWINDON FESTIVAL OF LITERATURE takes place 2nd – 8th May. It celebrates things well thought, well written, and well said, both serious and funny!

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