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A.C. Grayling

Swindon Festival of Literature

Swindon Arts Centre

Tue 3 May 2022 | 6.30pm

A.C. Grayling

A.C. GRAYLING – on what we might do, For the Good of the World.

Can we human beings agree on a set of values that will allow us to confront the numerous threats facing the planet, or will we simply continue with our disagreements and antipathies as we collectively approach our possible extinction? As every day brings new stories about lethal autonomous weapons systems, serious spyware, extreme weather conditions, and the health imbalance between the northern and southern hemispheres, a question that becomes ever more urgent is this one. Is global agreement on global challenges possible?
A.C. Grayling is the Founder and Principal of the New College of the Humanities and its Professor of Philosophy. Among his many books are The God Argument, Democracy and Its Crisis, The History of Philosophy, The Good State and The Frontiers of Knowledge.

The SWINDON FESTIVAL OF LITERATURE takes place 2nd – 8th May. It celebrates things well thought, well written, and well said, both serious and funny!

Seven days of great authors and entertaining speakers, it will include novelists, poets, philosophers, travellers, scientists, storytellers, historians, comedians, artists, and writing workshops There will be events at midday, teatime, and in the evening, carefully spaced and placed to enable you to attend almost every one, should you have the stamina!

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